FlamenTango – Maria Serrano


"Her art suspended by something magical, Maria Serrano is an explosive phenomenon for Andre Heller. The production presented us with a mixture of volcanic flamenco combined with fiery tango danced. Their passion becomes interwoven into a magical fusion. The sensuous tango joins with acrobatic flamenco into an act of dramatic desperation. Serrano demonstrates total determination with her personal style of flamenco. Each movement of her hands illustrates the expression of pure art, each turn shows the sensuous movement of her hips pulling the earth right out from under our feet, each of her small, rapid steps executed in perfect time transports the audience into the realm of another world". (Aachener Zeitung/Germany)​
“FlamenTango” is a terrific show. The audience went crazy for Spain’s Maria Serrano and her exciting fusion of Andalusian flamenco and Argentinean tango where dance styles start to merge and partners begin to shift. In one wonderful ensemble number, the five dancers kept changing genres depending on whom they were partnering. There were also subtle games being played. Tango dancer Milton Homann became increasingly enamoured with Serrano and performed a tango duet with her, punctuated by her solo flamenco riffs. Tango dancer Romina Godoy was the vixen whom the two flamenco men – Javier Sánches Soriano and Antonio Arrebola – found hard to resist. Even Serrano felt the lure of Godoy and the two performed a steamy duet together. The show was not only graced by these five compelling dancers, but by fantastic musicians and singers. Rumour has it that Compañia Maria Serrano will come this way again, and when it does, it is a run don’t walk. - Paula Citron Classical 93.6 FM
"The two dances might appear to have similarities, but are actually completely different. Over the course of the performance, the temperamental, rapid dance steps of flamenco join with the fluid, forceful elegance of the tango and metamorphose into something excitingly new. Maria Serrano is an undisputed expert at her art. Each step is perfect; each movement of her arms is a pure expressive force. Together with the best dancers of her company, they develop a group vision that is bold, technically challenging and has superb sensuality. Long applause and "Bravos" for an evening of a first class dance performance". (HNA Kassel/Germany)
"An Argentinean tango couple searches for their Spanish roots. Tango and Flamenco find one another in the marvelous hands of Argentineans, Romina Godoy and Milton Homann, and brilliant flamenco dancer Jonathan Sanchez and Maria Serrano. Accompanied by five musicians, two singers, an Argentinean bandoneon and a Spanish guitar, the two styles of music blended harmoniously, yet retained their own, unique sense of character. The audience witnessed the contrast of traditional vs. contemporary dance. The company began with the classical flamenco style of the bata de cola and the fedora hat of tango; then the women emerge in modern, fitted dresses and the men sport contemporary t-shirts. The performers erupted into a „Jam Session‟ of admiration and exciting competition with the tango and flamenco dancers presenting their sensuous craft. The last part of the performance featured the Spanish and Argentinean dancer blending their styles into extraordinary, new choreography". (Cannstatter Zeitung/Germany)
"The audience witnesses the dynamic encounter of the two styles. Maria Serrano used flamenco to bewitch tango dancer Milton Homann, then Romina Godoy followed suit with the two flamenco dancers. Each of the dancers demonstrated their mastery of dance culminating in the passionate blending of the dances accompanied by six distinguish musicians. The dynamic change of the Tango and Flamenco, subtlety and without any separation, they transform one another which completes the name of the performance." (Stuttgarter Zeitung/Germany)
"There is tremendous contrast during the evening as the dancers move within different constellations working by themselves, then with others. First the crowd witnesses the confrontation between the classical and proud Tango vs. the dramatic energy of Flamenco. Although there is no direct contact between the two styles, both share fiery passion. The audience can't get enough of Maria Serrano's forceful energy. Her innovative, demanding choreography is always captivating. There is no foot step too fast, nothing too difficult for her to attempt. The audience can't help themselves but to errupt into thunderous applause in response to her dynamic style. Finally there is the sensuous blending of the Tango and Flamenco where the dancers give us the pleasures of the show that one can only describe as a dramatic journey between melancholy and ecstasy". (Badische Neueste Nachrichten/Germany)
"The mixture of the two dances creates a fusion... every step is carefully executed, each movement an absolute force, each dance sequence created tremendous fascination for the audience... the overall experience included seven talented musicians that are on stage night after night. The flamenco & tango couples meet; they blend their styles together and create a totally new dance arrangement combining the lustful tango with the temperament of flamenco creating something utterly new". (Reutlinger Nachrichten/Germany)
"The raw, emotional force of Maria Serrano and company causes the audience to erupt into thundering applause. The explosive mixture of flamenco and tango aptly named "Flamentango is Maria's newest artistic undertaking. Flamenco & tango find one another and become a fusion..... flamenco represented by Maria Serrano and Jonathan Sanchez. Like proud bullfighters, they create a spell with their powerful legs and rapid "staccato" footwork. Full of vibrant energy and beauty, Maria Serrano offered the audience absolute passion during her volcanic solo. She was accompanied by the explosive duende of Ismael Perez on the piano, two guitars, one cajon, a bass and two singers who transformed traditional flamenco with their fusion of jazz, salsa and pop.During the next segment, the bandoneon introduced the feverish power of tango. Romina Godoy and Milton Homann celebrate the sensousness of the tango with high heels and her split skirt. Their aggressive, passionate and erotic dancing demonstrating acrobatic elegance. They are the world's most seductive duo. As an Argentinean poet once wrote: "The tango is a sadness that let's men dance". (Südwestpresse/Germany)
This very successful production has been presented in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Taiwan, Canada, Denmark, Romania, Hungary and Italy. The Budapest Spring Festival, the World Tango Summit in Seville, the Invito alla Danza Festival in Rome and the AVO Session Jazz festival in Basel, Switzerland, where the show was recorded by Swiss Television. The two dance and musical styles, famous for their sensuality, power and passion meet and merge during the night to something new and exciting. Maria Serrano presents Flamenco and Tango from many different angles: modern and traditional, pure and fusioned. The story between Flamenco and Tango, sensuality and power, melancholy and happiness. FlamenTango features Solea por buleria, Tientos, Taranto, Alegria, Farruca, Tango and Argentinean Tango in never before seen and listened to versions. The dancers are accompanied by seven flamenco and tango musicians The story: Disillusioned by the situation in their country two Argentinean dancers decide to immigrate to Spain in order to search a new future. To live from the art of dancing has become impossible in Argentine. In Andalusia, Spain the country their families once came from, they start searching their roots and get in touch with flamenco. A fascinating trip through the labyrinth of emotions starts. ​