MEMORIAS – Maria Serrano


"Her art suspended by something magical, Maria Serrano is an explosive phenomenon for Andre Heller. Each movement of her hands illustrates the expression of pure art, each turn shows the sensuous movement of her hips pulling the earth right out from under our feet, each of her small, rapid steps executed in perfect time transports the audience into the realm of another world". (Aachener Zeitung/Germany)​
Rumour has it that Compañia Maria Serrano will come this way again, and when it does, it is a run don’t walk. - Paula Citron Classical 93.6 FM
Maria Serrano
Francisco Hidalgo
Alba Serrano
Javier Soriano
Juan Jose Bando
Pablo Prada
Carmen Fernandez
Cristian de Moret
Selut Sarmiento
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