Por Derecho – Maria Serrano


"Por-Derecho" she dances, a woman alone among men. The temperament boils over. The dancing is impulsive, exuberant, fundamental and although completely synchronic, still extremely individual – never in perfect unison : each dancer, solo.... The Ensemble bubbles with the joys of life.....Maria Serrano points the way. She literally has the trousers on, a woman dictates among men. ...She throws à la Buleria on stage. In tight, modern clothes, she refrains from various skirt effects. He entire body, a bundle of energy." – ANDA – Journal for Flamenco.**** "Maria Serrano literally dances on a volcano, in fact she is a dancing volcano and pride and passion pour over the crowded rows of spectators like lava. The encounter of the sexes whips up to an erotic Duell d'amour.... In effervescent solos, the dancers hurl their passion at the feet of the Señora and to their public." – Schwäbische Post (Germany)
"Without doubt, Maria Serrano is an impressive sight. Full of perfection and elegance and with a passion which radiates from both her body and her face. Whether emphatically slow or dazzlingly fast, her movements are precise and extremely expressive, right down to the tips of her fingers..... Entre Flamencos starts off as modern and rather cool before it increases during the course of the evening to an ecstatic Flamenco Festival." – Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)
"No exaggerated stories, no electronic droning music but a simple, impressive Show. The greater part of the danced show, which includes long, purely musical segments consists of rigorous, extreme choreographic group scenes, in which the dancers move – almost like Riverdance – as a perfect synchrony of a clattering Ensemble...... Then at the very end, the Serrano finally does put on a Flamenco dress and dances a solo which has yet to find its equal. These are good people and this Flamenco Revue will cause a sensation." - Stuttgarter Zeitung.(Germany)
"Gangster outfit with black trouser-suit and wide-brim hat presented by the Serrano and sixr dancers. A gentle start not yet revealing the flamenco fireworks that followed.... One and a half hours of flamenco in perfection, what a thrill! This was a flamenco way of life danced to the full on the stage." – Reutlinger Generalanzeiger (Germany)
"Equality of rank is and remains the theme of the evening. Amazingly modern for flamenco where males and females normally perform as bipolar forces and would often serve fixed clichés.... "Por-Derecho gives Spanish dance the stuff for progression. The company demonstrates that flamenco can be danced even on stools holding up the machismo attitude to the audience's ridicule." - Stuttgarter Nachrichten (Germany)
Accompanied by five musicians, and two male dancers Maria Serrano presents her favorite choreographies in this performance. Here she celebrates her very personal style: Flamenco deeply rooted in tradition, yet always modern. Breathtakingly fast zapateados (foot tapping) change with virtuoso guitar solos, sensuous movements with the arms are nourished by poetic piano variations, no rhythm is fast, no turn too difficult. To the fingertips Maria Serrano lives the intensity of each movement. Whether "Solea por Buleria", "Taranto" or "Seguirilla" - her dance is always powerful, sensual and passionate.​