Ritmo-Flamenco Cubano – Maria Serrano


"More triumphant is hardly conceivable" – Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
"Maria Serrano and those Cubans emit sparkling enthusiasm." El País (Spain)
"RITMO takes the shine out of anything that has so far been trying to catch the audience through a flamenco show. – Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany)
"No time to recover your breath during those 90 minutes of RITMO." – ABC (Spain)
"The audience applauded at the end like crazy." – Diario de Sevilla (Spain)
"RITMO is a furious audience-catching show." – Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
"The fusion experiment brings about a raging encounter of two dancing nations thanks to breath-taking techniques and unchained abandon." – Nürnberger Nachrichten (Germany)
"Breath-taking to see how the stage blends sensuousness with pride, how hammering feet drown in a whirl of movements." – Die Welt (Germany)
"A brightly coloured dancing review turned the concert hall into a roaring musical hall.....Technical perfection, full of suspense and seductive eroticism." – Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Germany)
"With her dance show Maria Serrano created a devotion to rhythm.....A thrill for eyes and ears." – Generalanzeiger Bonn (Germany)
RITMO is a homage to rhythm and unites fiery flamenco with Cuban music and rhythm. Compañia Maria Serrano with a 19-member ensemble consisting of Andalusian and Cuban dancers and musicians. the Sevillan presents the story of an encounter in dancing. RITMO is passionate, exuberant, wild and seductive – an iridescent circle of dances. Bulerías, tangos and alegrías meet with sones, habaneras and guajiras, the piercing power of flamenco meets Cuban sensuousness. The world première at the Bienal de Arte Flamenco in Seville and shows all over Europe saw the dancers and musicians of Compañía Maria Serrano celebrated with standing ovations. Produced by the Cuban director and scriptwriter Tomás Gonzales is interpreted not only in terms of dance but also in terms of music, and the action is sung analogously to the modern musical by the Spanish and Cuban singers. The choreography is created by a team. Manolo Marín, one of Spain´s most famous and acknowledged Flamenco choreographers and the Cuban choreographer Lázaro Noriega, who has been awarded numerous international prizes. The Spanish Flamenco guitarist and composer José Luis Monton and the Cuban pianist Ramon Valle are responsible for the music. The history: Maria Serrano is going on a journey with her Compañía. Escaping from the past and in search for a new beginning the Flamenca arrives in Cuba. Fascinated and at the same time confused by Havana´s atmosphere, she lets herself be enchanted by the magic of the rhythms there. Cuba is the right place at the right moment. At dance auditions the first meeting between the two cultures takes place. In a very spontaneous way the Cubans change all the plans of the Spaniards and immediately make a Fiesta out of the event. Everything goes wild. Flamencos start fighting with Cubans, but also among themselves. Within the area of conflict of machismo, passion, love, jealousy, faith and the common history they are getting closer. Rhythm makes the floodgates open wide.​